Strategic Partners

A-Stamp Industries, LLC

A-Stamp Industries is a company of itself, but solely owned by David VonDeylen (same sole owner of Alex Products). A-Stamp Industries, commonly referred to as the Bryan facility, houses most of the stamping presses for manufacturing. A-Stamp Industries has customers solely of their own, but typically partners with Alex Products and their customers.

Autocoat, LLC

Autocoat is a company of itself (like A-Stamp Industries), but solely owned by David VonDeylen (same sole owner of Alex Products). Autocoat leases space and operates out of the A-Stamp Industries building. Autocoat is a painting operation with e-coat and powder lines available for product.

Ridge Tooling & Automation

Ridge Tooling & Automation is a 55,000ft2 Engineering and Technical Center primarily servicing Alex Products by providing them with manufacturing equipment and processes.

RTA also serves other non-automotive customers such as the solar, furniture, food and environmental industries.

RTA provides its customers with the ability to engineer, design, build and fully integrate equipment and processes to:

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RTA specializes in both wire and tube bending equipment. Wire bending capabilities from .100 inch diameter material to .625 inch diameter. Tube bending capabilities from .250 inch diameter material to 1.500 inch diameter with the ability to locate the weld seam for added precision.

Both wire and tube benders can be outfitted to auto load and auto unload.

AP Alternatives

With over 25 years of experience in the automated manufacturing industry through Alex Products, AP Alternatives was founded in 2008. AP Alternatives started by designing a system that could utilize automated equipment to manufacture components as well as assemble them. AP Alternatives mission is to design, engineer, and manufacture an innovative solar racking system. AP Alternatives didn’t want to offer just another racking system; they wanted to reinvent the entire concept of solar installations. Designs led to a fully pre-panelized modular racking system that would allow for factory quality control and rapid field installation. Alex Products partners with AP Alternatives by manufacturing many of those racking components and specialized assembly equipment. Today AP Alternatives has over 100 megawatts installed across the United States and is 100% confident that the systems are the leading edge of solar racking.