Capabilities & Solutions

Metal Forming

Alex Products, through its Technical Center and its sister stamping facility, A-Stamp, has the capacity to design, build, and maintain forming equipment. This included stamping dies, coin-pierce-trim stations, and CNC and dedicated wire and tube bending equipment. API uses its design and tool building expertise and manufacturing ability to produce complex stampings, various bent wire and tube components, and specialized forming equipment such as hydraulic forming stations and custom piercing and riveting equipment.


Beginning in 1995 Alex Products invested in welding automation to provide customers with high quality welds and competitive production costs while maintaining a safe working environment for our associates. With a primary focus in GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), RSW (Resistance Spot Welding), and PW (Projection Welding), our welding expertise allows us to administer our customers with the optimum welding solution for their unique part design. Whether robotic, flexible or a hard tooled welding solution, we will work to balance customer production requirements with machine utilization and cost. Alex Products recognizes that welding knowledge and innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge in our business. Alex Products invests in industry training for our tooling\robotic integration team members and has degreed welding engineers available for any questions.


Alex Products, Bryan Facility (Autocoat, LLC), offers two kinds of coating or paint systems – an electrocoating (E-Coat) system and a Powder coating system.

An electrocoating system applies a charge to a metal part that is then immersed in a coating bath. The process is highly automated and results in a high performing finish that delivers a uniform film build, color consistency, high yield rates and applied cost efficiency, in an environmentally friendly finishing system.

Powder coating is electrostatically applied to a surface as a finely ground powder then heated so that it flows and creates a consistent covering across the entire surface.

More Solutions

Alex Products, through its Technical Center - Ridge Tooling and Automation, allows for a one stop shop. Customers can bring a concept to Alex Products and through the Engineering and Design departments will develop tooling and product capability studies. Tools and machines are built and assembled for manufacturing.