Metal Forming

Alex Products, through its Technical Center and its sister stamping facility, A-Stamp, has the capacity to design, build, and maintain forming equipment. This included stamping dies, coin-pierce-trim stations, and CNC and dedicated wire and tube bending equipment. API uses its design and tool building expertise and manufacturing ability to produce complex stampings, various bent wire and tube components, and specialized forming equipment such as hydraulic forming stations and custom piercing and riveting equipment.


Tool and die engineers and builders at Alex Products build many unique dies for various manufacturing applications. Alex Products can build simple single hit dies, as well as multiple station progressive and automated transfer dies. The Alex Products Technical Center (Ridge Tooling and Automation) is equipped with a dedicated "try out press" so equipment can be dialed in prior to full production requirements. Alex Products designs and builds custom mechanical transfer equipment to match the die and interface with the press controls.

Alex Products has the capability to run and handle dies of various sizes. Between the Bryan and Ridgeville facilities, Alex Products operates 37 presses ranging from 75 ton to 800 ton capacity.

List of Presses [PDF]

Presses within the Bryan facility (A-Stamp Industries) include:
  • 200 Ton Heim
  • 200 Ton Clearing
  • 200 Ton Minster
  • 200 Ton Minster
  • 250 Ton Verson
  • 250 Ton Minster
  • 300 Ton Minster
  • 500 Ton Minster
  • 600 Ton Minster
  • 600 Ton Minster
  • 800 Ton Verson
Presses within the Ridgeville Corners facility include:
  • 750 Ton Pacific Hydraulic

Wire & Tube

Alex Products started in automotive manufacturing in 1984 by building custom dedicated wire bending machines. Today, Alex Products has built well over a thousand dedicated wire and tube benders, continuing the tradition of providing the best engineered tooling solutions available. Alex Products uses dedicated benders on high volume jobs instead of CNC benders. This allows Alex Products to produce a more consistent part with less variation to provide optimum welding conditions and ultimately a top quality part.

The stages of building a bender


Automotive seating applications use numerous sizes and shapes of custom formed and trimmed tubes. Alex Products has constructed a variety of custom machines for wall-to-wall coining of metal tubing, as well as piercing holes and trimming specific profiles. Alex Products builds machines that pierce holes in tubing without distorting the ID or OD of the tubing.

Fasteners & Rivets

Alex Products can join metal together without welding. Alex Products uses toggle lock technology to join metal stampings on its highest volume job for the Chrysler RT platform. Alex Products also uses orbital forming to install rivets, clinch nuts and studs for various applications requiring use of threaded fasteners.

CNC Wire Forming

Alex Products, Paulding facility, offers 3-dimensional CNC wire bending. Alex Products utilizes the latest and most sophisticated AIM single and dual head equipment, with capability up to 8 mm for mild steel. Wire form programs can be generated by importing CAD data directly to the machines. The same machine easily changes from one wire form program to another, allowing quick change over and set-up times.

Laser Cutting

Any high-quality product begins with the precision manufacturing of individual components. Our fabrication equipment is computer-numerically controlled to facilitate consistent part quality.

At the heart of our prototype and low volume production process is a 2,000 Watt Cincinnati Laser capable of cutting 60" X 120" sheets of steel up to 3/8" plate. This machine also Clean-cuts up to 7 ga material with repeatability/accuracy to ± .005" or better.