Resistance Welding

Alex Products specializes in the design and fabrication of resistance welders built around the customers needs, not just a standard pre-fabricated frame. From a traditional pedestal welder for the projection welding of nuts\studs to a complex multi-gun dial press welder for spot or cross wire welding, our team has the experience to support you from design concept to run at rate. Alex Products also understands the need for flexibility from a production standpoint and has built several resistance welding robotic weld cells. These cells provide quick change weld fixtures to minimize downtime between part changes and servo controlled heads to ensure weld consistency and reliability. Whether your project requires AC or MFDC resistance welding, our engineering center can provide a welding solution sized for the application. Alex Products primarily uses Roman transformers and has integrated Medar, WTC, Robotron, Technitron, and Miyachi weld controls.

GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)

Alex Products is a leading supplier to the Tier one automotive industry of GMAW welded seat structures. By implementing the use of robotics Alex Products is able to meet and exceed the stringent welding quality requirements of our partners and maintain high productivity rates.

GMAW (commonly termed MIG welding) has seen a tremendous transformation in the last 10-15 years. With a global mandate by the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to remove weight out of each new car model; structure components have become thinner, stronger and often more difficult to weld. Alex Products has met these challenges by researching and testing new robotic welding technologies to provide a complete welding solution for our customers. Modern welding power supply technology can produce virtually spatter free welding which extends weld tooling\fixturing life and creates a cleaner work environment for our associates.

Our engineering center (Ridge Tooling and Automation) can design, build and program complete robotic weld cells under one roof. This allows total quality control of the process and gives customers the convenience to work with the Alex Product team as changes need to be implemented without having to contact multiple build shops.

From the first 9 welding arms purchased in 1995 to over 90 arms on our plant floors today, Alex Products has the accumulated resources and experience that the welding industry demands.